CQ Training Ride 1

Well, I have booked everything for Cycle Queensland in 2010 from Yepoon to Bundaberg. But I need to get some training done. I have had a cold and I have not been riding so much. So today was my first training run with a target distance of 50 km. In the end I rode 60 km down to Cronulla and back. It was the first time I have ever been to Cronulla. I had visited the northern end of the beach last year with the Cronulla Grand Prix. But I had never been into the town proper. I did a circuit of the walk along the foreshore, visited the ferry terminal to check I could put my trike on the ferry, had fish and chips in Kyeemagh. In all I was tired the whole way, but I was strong and rode more quickly than I have in the past. I could have ridden more but I got off to a late start.

So what was my first impression of Cronulla. I liked the place. The people were friendly, said nice things, and the crowds were easy and simple to ride amongst. People were relaxed and generally enjoying themselves. When given a choice between the people who do not like Cronulla (This seems to be the view of so many in Sydney) and those who do like it, I am firmly in the latter camp and I intend to spend more time there. I do not like the people who tell me I should dislike Cronulla.

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