MSG Dinner – Una's

Well I have walked past many times, but always in the morning when I used to catch the train to Kings Cross and walk up from there to Paddington. We had our MSG dinner at Una‘s. We had to wait ages for everyone to arrive, but when we did order it seemed like seconds before we had the meals on the table. I has the Kessler, a dish with sauerkraut, potato rosti,  and boiled and smoked ham. The serving was huge, but the dish was acceptable and bland. I also had the blue wine (they called it gluewine) and it was brilliant. It was the best I have had since I was in Germany in december 1987, and immediately reminded me of the night markets, with snow on the ground, negative temperatures and a plastic cup of blue wine in one hand and a slice of bread with raw meat (beef tartar) in the other.

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