Monto on the Rest Day

Well it was the rest day. I had decided to have a lazy rest day, I did not do any of the tours. I got up lateish, had breakfast with some of the people from Yeppoon who I had met the year before. I wandered around the camp and then around the town. I was passed by Adrian and Jasmine heading off to the Children’s party, which sounds like it was a great success. On the way into town a man objected to a photo, but his companions were quite happy to be in a shot. Bought some different sunscreen just in case my skin issue was to do with a reaction to the sun-screen.  I passed the two pubs. The one at the bottom of the street which I was told was over charging so was being boycotted and the one at the top of the hill which I was told on the previous day, packed to the rafters.  Many older women in the quilting exhibiting. The quality was very good to my eye. On the way back down the hill I had a pie.I saw that there were some old factories and wandered back past them, and old milk processor and an old saw mill, both abandoned.

At the bottom end of the town was a little sculpture park, with quite good sculptures. It tells the aboriginal story of three moon creek, though I still do not know the story. A quick search of the internet did not uncover it.

For a town that was welcoming cyclists, there were a disturbingly large number of no cycling signs.

Then back to the camp for a steak burger at the local land care bbq. They were a bit slow to start, they thought lunch should not start unto 12:30 so I had to wait 20 minutes. There was also a woman there. At first she was on her own. She was selling skin creams. I walked over and described my skin problem and ended up purchasing a somewhat expensive, but in the end actually really good jar of MooGoo Udder Cream. What can I say. In days I went from red and white with some rashes on my legs to brown. People noticed and wondered how. And it was not the fake tan colour you get from other creams.

In the afternoon I headed out to the gallery and museum. I was not so taken by the art. The museum was full of good stuff, but it needs someone to come in and arrange it well. There were some riders, including Andrew, who had ridden out to the gorge and back. In the afternoon went back to have a shower, put the phone and camera battery in to charge. After dinner I listened to the singer singing music from the 50’s and the 60’s. The crowd who stayed really liked him and he got better as the night went on. There was also a tawny frog mouth that came and sat in a tree and seemed to be listening to the music.

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