a rattle from the right wheel

right wheel axel and brakes

Last week there was a sound that sounded particularly like a broken bearing coming from the right wheel. It was very quiet, so I did not worry too much and continued home. At home, I pulled off the right front wheel. I had the week before fixed a flat on that wheel and wondered if I had put it back together incorrectly. Once off I found some grit I had left in the wheel housing and thought that was probably the source of the noise. But in Moore Park, where it is also quite, I heard the noise again. I headed into the inner loop where it is quieter and you can avoid the traffic of the main loop. Aftert a little mucking around, I decided that the brake pads are rubbing gently on the hub. If I put pressure on them by engaging the hand break, the noise goes away. I expect that as the brake pads wear, this will be less of a problem.

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