Lunch in Parramatta

Fish nets

I had lunch in Parramatta today in a Thai place on church street. I have not been there since I moved. This was not deliberate. It was just that I was busy doing other things. Karyn had a friend who was having a birthday lunch there. I was happy to be back in Parramatta. I know the place, the layout, the people. I felt the most relaxed that I have in some time walking the nearly deserted wide streets on a Sunday morning. The camping shop I used to go to has gone, some of the other shops have changed, JB hi-fi moved, office works is now aldi, I was quite surprised by the turnover. But things seemed to be doing ok. The food was good. We went to Thai in a box As always I now start in a new place with the larb. It is my test of their food. The larb was good. I asked for it spicy. I’d give it 3.5 stars.

On the way there i made this video of the track work heading from Sydenham station into town.


  1. why have my comments attached some really old picture of myself and how on earth did it get there?

  2. I looked up the restaurants and saw Thai in a box, but the name did not register. Obviously I was not paying too much attention to that detail! I’ve updated the post.
    Wordpress picks up your picture form this site. It is a bit spooky. Peoples images stated appearing on my blog and I did not know how, but mine would not. Then I added my image to this gravatar site. I think you can go there and edit your image. It uses your email you specify in the blog entry to select the image.

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