Mount Perry to Gin Gin via Boolboonda

It was a late start to the ride because of the morning festivities. Also they said that they wanted to let the trucks get on the road before us so that they had a clear drive.. But I still woke up early. Maybe half an hour of sleep in. Got up. Had brecky. Packed up and loaded into the truck.
HI headed into town on the trike. Parked in a car park in front of the General Store in front of Hugh’s Long Bike Tandem. I had met my match as you can see from the pics, people were much more interested in the long bike tandem.
I wandered around the markets which were still in the process of being set up. So only a few were open. Went looking for water. After wandering the town, it turned out to be back where I had been parked at the start of my search.
While I was getting water the police car arrived in front of the dump truck. It is a 70 ton dump truck from a near-by gold mine. I went up to the cab and had a look. Up there I was suffering vertigo, so I just had a look in and then left.

There was a special competition for the cq people so that we could leave to go on our ride. The main competition was latter in the morning. Jasmines team pulled first and came second of three. I am beginning to thing that the whole event should be called Jasmine’s Cycle Queensland Tour.
I headed off just after the ride coarse opened. A hard day of riding. In the beginning some short steep hills. As we left town, a man was heading up a steep road to go to the lookout. I decided not to do that.

The break was in a hall with an old piano. We all talked of how there used to be dances, girls lined up on one side, boys on the other before each dance. But the piano had definitely seen better days.
In the afternoon, long lesser gradient hills. Very hot. At Gin Gin we road for a while on the Bruce Highway. I set up my camp near a fence, which normally I do not do. The fence provided a bit of a clothes line for some washing, though I was a long way from the showers.
Had dinner with the T-Bug peoples. Everyone was quite relaxed after the week of riding and enjoying themselves. Hugh was quite proud of the contacts he had made and conversations he had had with Government People about improving the lot of cyclists both in Toowoomba and in Queensland.

  • 55.59 km,
  • 15.76 km/h ave,
  • 3:31:39 time,
  • 68 km/h max

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