The new car after 1 week

I picked up the new i30cw from Suttons Hyundai a week ago and here is my impression so far.

  • The car has an excellent turning circle which makes driving in car parks much easier.
  • The electric folding mirrors are a good idea.
  • It costs a fortune to fill. $50 for ¾ of a tank of diesel.
  • The ipod integration is interesting, but it lacks the shuffle feature. I sorely miss this. I’ll get a photo. The display of the ipod changes to say Hyundai. (Actually, later that day, I discovered the random track selection feature, but I have to select it each time I connect the ipod. )
  • Driving a manual took longer to refamiliarise than I expected. I did not realise how much the Prius had retrained my brain. I stalled the car three times trying to reverse before I remembered to take my foot off the brake.
  • So far I have just driven it around town. The diesel labours a bit when going uphill in 4th gear at 50kmh, and I’m not sure if I really should be sitting at this speed in 3rd gear.
  • I expect the attachment for the children’s seat will be in the wrong place for loading luggage. But I have not had a full load of luggage and the seat at the same time in the car.
  • I’ve had a call using the blue tooth integration to the iPhone and it worked well, though I can imagine that with a car full of people you could end up with quite unusual phone calls. I have not yet downloaded my contacts, there is a limit of 75 for the down load and I probably need to create a few custom lists to down load the ones I want from the phone.
  • I turn on the lights in the underground car parks and then forget to turn them off again when outside. I guess I will learn to notice that they are one and turn them off. I need to make a conscious effort.
  • I have not joined any Hyundai forum sites as they all have stupid ruled associated with the creation of passwords.
  • After refilling once, I got 5.18 litres per 100 km on a highway cycle, which is more than the advertised 4.9, but I did have the air-con on all the time. I will see what the longer term average works out to be.
  • The radio died twice. It seems it is killing the fuse. The first time I swapped the fuse over. The second time was this morning. It is in for it’s 1,000 km service so I left it broken and told the service centre that there is a problem. (They almost could not find the problem as it started working again when they looked at it. But at the last minute it stopped working. It was not the fuse. They have ordered a replacement part.)


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