Strange Phone Calls

This evening I got two very strange phone calls in the space of about 5 minutes.

In the first call, a woman with a very strong and hard to listen to American accent called saying she was part of some government program to help me select the best utility supplier and wanted to know if I could spend 20 minutes going through my situation to select the best supplier and find out the best rebates I could get.

In the second call, a man, also with a very strong American accent, called to tell me that as I had been good at paying my Telstra phone bills on time, he was going to change my plan next week to some completely different plan which was going to be good for me. He seemed to be guessing about what my bill contained. Aparently this new plan will allow me to make unlimited local and STD phone calls and will only cost $60 pew week. I did not ask if this was a Telstra plan. So I said no and hung up.

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