world environment day

flat #3
Flat #3

This morning I headed off into the city for World Environment Day. But on the way I had yet another flat tyre. This time on the glass strewn Darley Road in Erskineville. A local offered some help. He had a pencil and a pencil sharpener. But as he noted I was quite self sufficient. I had the wheel off in a jiffy, removed the offending glass and had the wheel back on. Most of my time was spent chatting.  I think I still need a better way of getting the wheel back on.

wed (world environment day)

Continuing up the hill, I headed to Hyde Park. This took me along several roads I had not travelled before. I continued along Elizabeth Street, heading north past Campbell Street. This is a moderate climb and it was good to have a bus lane. At the not of the hill, I found there were about 5 buses trying to merge back into the bus lane. Two went in front of me, while the third pulled in behind. I pulled out onto the main road. There were no cars. So I merged across the road to the right turn lane and turned right into Liverpool Street. Most of the entrances to Hyde Park involve stairs and I was expecting to have to carry the trike over at least a few stairs. But I found a ramp at the corner of Liverpool and College.

In Hyde Park there was plenty of bike parking and I was able to park bug next to the pond in front of the ANZAC memorial. I had my free breakfast, some small pastries, a juice and a coffee. Picked up some maps. The RTA maps are still the old ones and they are next to useless. But the Sydney City one was excellent and it covers a fair swathe of Sydney. I also got a free reflective vest and met some of the riders from the DHBC.


I then headed back to work. Normally on a Friday I work in 400 George Street. But on this day I headed out to Paddington. Some of the people I work with were interstate and I had a training course to attend. I headed back over the odd causeway bridge that connects Darlinghurst to Paddington and the rode up the steepest hill I have ever climbed on the GT3 up to work.  On the way down to the bridge I had to stop at a construction site. As I rode past I got a YeeHaaa from a construction worker.

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