The problem with electric folding side mirrors

My car has electric folding mirrors, which are a good idea. I use them when parked in public spaces. But there is a problem with them. When parked on a road I fold the mirrors. Then when I get out, I cannot see if there are any cars or bicycles coming past. I have to look in the rear vision mirror and then over my shoulder. I am not used to that. It would be better if the mirrors folded after I got out of the car. Perhaps they could be slaved to the remote control locking system. Then the switch inside could let you set it to be synched to the locks or independently controlled from inside the car.


  1. I have found a solution to the problem. Leave the mirrors out. Then look in the mirror, when it is safe get out. With the door now open, hit the switch and the mirrors fold in while the door is closing.

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