Photo Mondays – 2011 April 11

An image of Jeongdongjin uploaded to Getty Images. I went to Jeongdongjin to stay the night. Just a little up the railway line is an old North Korean Submarine and I intended to see it. I had a nice dinner and a good time wandering around the massive boats they have built up there. I finally got to go inside one of the concrete sailing ships. However, the weather conspired against me. Overnight there was a fierce storm that came down from the North. It caused a blackout, washed out sections of road and railway line. I hunkered down in the Hotel. It was too wild outside and decided I would not make it to the National Park I had intended to get to that day. But at 10AM the blackout started and they kicked me out of the Hotel. The electric trains were still going so I headed up to the end of the line as had been part of my original plan.

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