Dain Ferry from Inchon to DaLian

I have decided to travel on Saturday 28 October. This will give me enough time in China for two cities (DaLian and Harbin) before I need to be in Beijing. I called Korea Tourism here in Sydney. They do not do bookings, but Miae, the nice lady there, is going to help me navigate the Korean only web site to make my booking. So on Wednesday, I am off to Australia Square Tower. This will also solve the problem of not being allowed to enter Korea without a ticket to leave Korea, though I was not expecting it to be a problem.
Level 40, Australia Square Tower, 264 George St., Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
  • Tel (02) 9252-4147 / 9251-1717 / 1800-211-717
  • Fax (02) 9251-2104

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