Camping in Holbrook

Well, I never would have thought I’d see the day that I was camping on Holbrook. Really of all places! But camp in Holbrook was what we did. It kept us together for another day, which suited everyone. Kirsten headed off via the Blue Mountains. I left with Krysta and Milla a little later and headed down the Hume. The new car had it’s first long drive. I did not quite make it there and back again on one tank of fuel. There were a few teething problems. The raido, which soon would be replaced had developed it’s unwillingness to turn on problem. I’d found that power cycling it helped a little. The kids were very well behaved. We got to Holbrook and hour or two before Kirsten. I set up the tent with some help from Krysta. It is annoying, but there is one small step that needs a second person. Otherwise I could put the whole thing up on my own.

To the delight of the children there was a swimming pool. We spent quite a long time swimming there waiting for Kirsten. Just as I had had enough she arrived. It was our first night camping together. Milla was a bit apprehensive, but a walk with Kirsten calmed her down a lot. Though my forgetting of the blow up bed for the kids did not help. It seem I am the one who is most used to sleeping on a termal mat.

The next morning we had a slow start. The kids had another swim, this time with Kirsten, while I did some packing up. Then Kirsten decided to rearrange all the bags. At 10 AM the grumpy man, but kind, came to check that we were going. I think by that stage we just had the bag repacking to go. So it was around 11 AM that we actually headed out.

And if you were wondering, yes the man is grumpy. In a very occer blokish way. Though I would say, Gruff is a better term. Still he means well.

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