Sydney to Melbourne: Day 2 – Cowra to Wangaratta

The longest driving day of the trip. We headed south from Cowra, my grandfather’s birth-place, along the Olympic Highway. The packing went easily and quickly and was done much more sensibly than the day before. There was a threat of rain, but that did not eventuate. We stopped at Junee for a rest break, had a bit of a tiff when I would not let the kids break the law and play in the fountain and Krysta managed to loose her new expensive school shoes. Again on the road, we stopped in Albury. We were trying to get to MacDonalds, but I could not turn right and rather than drive back a few blocks we stopped in a park. Then it was onto Kirsten’s Brother-in-Law’s place in Wangaratta and an evening of fish and chips that was really quite good from the west end.

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