Sydney to Melbourne: Day 3 – Wangaratta to Kalorama

We got going earlyish considering the kids from Wangaratta. On the way we stopped at Winton Cemetery. This is where Milla’ mother and great grand mother’s are buried. Milla has come to terms with her mother’s death, but it was very challenging for Krysta who was talking about death and what would happen if her own mother died for the whole weekend. The secretary of the cemetery was there and Kirsten asked if we could plant plants and what would be suitable and he said yes and gave some suggestions, though I was against planting a weed.

After that we drove to mum’s in Seymour. We looked after the kids, and I took them into town, though unfortunately it was raining so our visit the park plans came to nought. We were not allowed to leave until Kirsten had finished her uni assignment and she used my mum’s internet link. We had dinner there and then headed down to Melbourne Airport to pick up Kirsten’s car. Originally Kirsten was going to pick up her car, but at the last minute we changed the drivers as Kristen did not have the money to pay the parking. I took the kids into the multi-storey long term car park to hunt for a car while Kirsten drove my car back to Kalorama. Luckily the car was where she remembered it being and we were able to pay the huge parking fee and, filling the tank, able to drive back to Kalorama.  The kids fell asleep on the way back which was good as we got home after 11 PM.

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