Lilydale Bollywood

The reason for getting back to Kalorama yesterday was to allow us to be able to get up and go to the Lilydale Library Bollywood dancing session run by Shavina Jawan. The kids enjoyed it, though many felt it was too hot and the attrition rate was such that by the end about half the children could not keep up. Certainly the adults also enjoyed it and Kirsten showed what a good dancer she is. Krysta did not make the distance but Milla did and she is quite an accomplished dancer herself.

After this we headed to MacDonalds in Croydon to have lunch. I looked after the kids in the play ground while Kirsten headed off for an appointment in Ringwood. Teresa who desperately needed her afternoon lap fell asleep in my arms which limited my mobility somewhat.

At the end of the day Krysta showed how much she is learning to write. She cannot do the numbers to 10 yeat, but got to 4, though the number 2 was backwards.

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