Hong Kong

Well I am in a swish hotel in Hong Kong and once again I can access my blog.

We arrived yesterday in Hong Kong and visited the harbor at sunset. It will take me a little while to catchup with the photos. The hotel we stayed in last night was full. So we tried a few other places, but they were also full. This morning I had the thought to ask my full hotel to book a room for me. They did and I have a relatively expensive hotel twin room for $1,400. However, we seemed to have received a free upgrade to executive class and I have free high speed internet in my room. I am very happy.

Today we also went over to HK island and had dumplings for lunch at a famous place, Ewen had been wanting to try. It had good food, but not superior. Perhaps this is becuase the general standard of food is very high.

More Yangshuo photos – http://flickr.com/photos/yewenyi/

I have also uploaded some much older videos from Dalian. http://yewenyi.blip.tv/

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