Outlying Island

Yesterday ended with a meeting between the remnants of our group to see the light show and then we had dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. I uploaded a photo of this before, as I had seen a car of this place in Busan. However, it was interesting to actually go to the place and eat. It was expensive. The food was about as accurate of Australian food as run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurants in the west are of Chinese food. The general ideas were right, but the detail was all wrong and we had one dish I had never even heard of before. Though it was quite OK, it was not Australian.

This morning I met up with Richard. We had noodles for breakfast and then headed off to Cheung Chau, an outlying Island. We spent several hours wandering around the lookouts, beaches, temples and markets. We had lunch on the shore front. In the evening we returned and had a vegetarian dinner with his wife and one daughter. Later we went down to the light show, but this time I saw it from the HK island side. I think I am getting better at taking shots of this event.

outback resterant's car jason and ewen

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