Visiting Work

Today I had an easy day after the hectic last few days. I went to work and visited my work colleagues here in HK. An unexpected thing happened. We had a fire drill HK style. This in itself was interesting. They has signs on the stairs where there might be confusion about the correct direction to take and there seemed to be people on the street directing us in he right direction. Though this may just have been the normal security guards. At the gathering point, there were sections marked off for each company and a stage. There was a lesson on what to do, including using fire extinguishers. We were given English translations so as not to miss out on the training.

After this we had lunch. This was one of the best meals I have had, and for HK was good value for money.

In the afternoon I just returned to my room, via the local markets. I used the tram on HK Island to get that tram experience. I went down for the free afternoon food and drinks. This is the first place I have been which has this as a offering. After one scotch on the rocks I was a little tipsy. And after all the food of the last few days, I skipped dinner, instead having the free salmon finger sandwiches and fish cakes.

A small footnote – the TV here in the Hotel has two chanels in Japanese.


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