Last of the travel posts

This is the last of my travel posts. I plan to add a few posts later to describe specific things and events.

I spent my last day in HK traveling to Lan Tao to visit a chair lift. The yellow rain alert had been cleared the previous evening, but the rain persisted. I met Tebby and her husband and we were unable to catch the chair lift because of the bad weather. So we hopped on the bus to Tai O. This was one hour over the top of the Island. Tai O is a small fishing village. Unfortunately there was a fire 5 years ago and many of the fishing huts on stilts had to be rebuilt. It calls itself the Venice of HK, but I suspect that this is a somewhat overblown analogy.

Returning from the village we headed up the cable car. The cloud was down to about 50 meters and the view we should have had of HK International airport was only a wall of white mist. At the top we visited a small, modern village, built to service the people visiting the Big Buddha (not his name in Chinese). We had lunch (I had Beef Brisket, the first time I have seen this on the trip) and visited the big Buddha. Unfortunately he was covered in fog and you could only make out the shillohet of his head. I have not yet processed these photos, so they will either not work or will be really good.

Back in town I raced to get my bags from the hotel and travel to the airport. In the end I was short of time, so I used the check in counter at Kowloon station. This is a very civilized arrangement where you check in at the station and then travel to the Airport.

The flight was uneventful. I had two seats to my self and so had a slightly better nights sleep as I could half stretch out. There were no dramas at the Australian end and I am now at home.

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