Well here are some previous posts to start the ball running. I will have to settle on a new format.

2005-12-9: Festivals, Deviations & Genealogy
Well today I am off work, skipping a presentation from our CEO, and heading off to Summerfest. This is a live in role playing convention, being held in Bowral. Lots of Perrenland, but hopefully also more than a little Quellburn.
Last night and this morning I spent some time adding to and configuring the Deviant Art site, thanks to those who gave nice comments, and adding to the Wikicities Genealogy site, adding a few hundred more entries.

2005-12-6: A new blog
Well, it seems that I have much more space on this site than ever before. The only complaint. No one told me! So I can now put my blog here. Much better arrangement, even if it does not have all the fancy features. I have added some pages from my old blog below. I will now discontinue adding to that site.
2005-12-11: Deviations
I just love the web site name. Deviant Art
I do intent to make the pictures printable, though generally I use digital camera formats which are not so compatible with the available print page sizes. The difference between 1.5:1 and 1.333:1 width to height, I think. Still I need to reorganize the bank accounts first. I have even updated my software to Paint Shop Pro 10. Though it does not seem to contain very many improvements over version 8.

2005-12-11: Geocaching III
Well I went on my third geocaching trip. I am still not very good. I can find the spot, but not the cache. We also did lots of shopping as we were in the CBD of Sydney. It is a little harder because of all the people. We do not want to give away the location of the cache.

2005-12-6: Geocaching II
Charlotte, Belinda and ChrisWell, last Saturday I went on second geocaching run. The first was in the CBD of Sydney and this was the first country session. I went with Charlotte, Belinda and Chris. It was a great day taking short walks around Mount Sugarloaf and Blackbutt park. We finished with Pizza in Newcastle. I was also impressed with the latter and will have to go back to take some photos.

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