The Globe Theater and 旅行向中國

Well I am looking at 旅行向中國 (traveling to China) for my next holiday with Ewen’s travel company. But I need to sort out the finances on the new house before I will know if I can afford it.

I am loading a picture from a previous holiday onto Deviant Art. It is one I took in England a few years back when I produced of my family history VCD as a modern version of the slide show. The VCD is too big to load here, but some very small, and with poor sound and video quality snippets (as the compression rate is too high) are available at one of my genealogy sites. They are the movies further down the page.

I traveled to England with Wendy, we saw a show at the Globe in all it’s authentic Edwardian glory. I saw Bell Shakespeare do the same show later in the Sydney Opera house, and it was impossible to tell they were the same story. I liked both versions and both places. I note that the museums in England have removed their stupid rules about not being able to take photos, now when will these places with their shows do the same?

And finally I am setting up my new home in Schwarzestadt, for my well traveled Perrenland character. I need to know the building code and costs to establish the home.

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