Railway Workshops and Stations

The Eveleigh (railway) Workshops are now a high tech district. But once they were classical (19th century) work place with draconian practices and industrial strife. They were run by the NSW Railways and built engines and carriages. Nowadays you can both piss and post. But I suggest the opposite order as it will free your hands. I wonder if the urinal was always exposed like this. Probably it had a covering shed, made of wood.
Today I took the car in for a service. I walked though Parramatta to the train station. They are staring to complete the work, and bits of the station are opening again. I must admit to being a doubter. But I was pleasantly surprised. Some bits positively reminded me of Europe. Not bad for the Parramatta. I wonder at how other bits will age. They have kept the old station. Like any such structure, there are old bits, older bits an really old bits. I presume some go back to when it was first built in 1855. Back then the line from Sydney terminated here. But alas my history is not up-to-date on the matter.

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