Ute's and Christmas Parties

This latest image is of my Brother’s old Ute. It is in his back yard. I had to squeeze in against the door frame to get the vehicle into the photo, and this has created an interesting perspective angle. I wonder if it ever worked?

Yesterday we had the annual Christmas party at my work. Here are two short videos [1] [2] of part of the party, showing the band and eating area. This years party must be the most upbeat to date. Previous parties have been quite somber affairs.

I have uploaded some photos for SummerFest to the Schwarzestadt group. You need to be a member of this group to see the photos. I have a two page document with a selection of 14 images on each page which is more easily downloaded.

Last of all is a blast from the past. The guys from Fast Fictions which was on many years ago on 3RRR, are now having a podcast. We want more.

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