Belubula Street in Carcoar in NSW and Hakka Peoples

A few years back when I started on the Genealogy beat, I went to a family reunion for another branch of the family descended from the Harley’s, being the Greens. We did a tour of Carcoar in NSW, organized through the Wagga Wagga Family History Society. A full sized version of this image is on Deviant Art.

Today we had a lunch and I discovered, that Darren, who I work with is also Hakka, like me, but from a different group. Other notable Hakka people include, that man who’s hand I would not shake (when I was 1 year old, and he was opening our house (part of the new extension at Mount Alvernia Hospital in Singapore)), Lee Kuan Yew and Sun Yet Sen, first president of China. Gosh, I haven’t written with nested brackets like that in ages. I must be doing too much programming again.

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