Plants and Tents

This plant image was taken when I was at Norman Lindsay’s house in Faulconbridge. The full size version is available at Deviant Art. The image is of a plant in flower. I have edited it with my contour edit script. I fully recommend that you visit this National Trust Site even though they may deserve to be boycotted for not allowing photos to be taken in doors.

Yesterday I went shopping for a new tent. I think I have decided to buy one which has standing room. Will it be able to be put up by one person? I did buy a sleeping bag which is rated to -5 deg. No more freezing for me!

I visited Sandra and Tony (again) to drop off the photos. Some are available at the site you can access by clicking on the image to the right. When I was at their place the day before I spent way too much time outside and the old hayfever is playing up seriously.

I have also created yet another site. This on is at Yahoo, like the photo one. They keep on adding features, but not advertising them. I will continue to use this site, but have supplied the other with a rss feed.

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