A day of rest and relaxation

In the morning I headed down to Sunnybank Station to pick up Kirsten and Krysta who had travelled up overnight on the train. It was in many ways reminiscent of my holidays in Caloundra.

We then spent the day lounging around at home with Tanya and her kids. Algester is a stunning suburban place and was very quite and peaceful in that very suburban way.

The kids did some dancing.

In the dusk light we went to play in the nearby playground.

I was having lots of trouble with my emails not connecting to the server. This was to last for days, even when I moved over to the Tanya’s internet connection. For some reason my mail does not work from Queensland very well. For instance PoP worked for my prime email, but IMAP didn’t and I could not send an email to Telstra. This I was advised was because the ip address was black listed somewhere. Though if it was, it was inconsistent. When I left Queensland for Sydney everything worked again with no changes on my behalf.

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