A day at Sea World

After much discussion we headed down to Sea World for a day. We decided a bit late and did not get there until just before noon, even though it was only a short drive. The first thing we saw was the pirate show as it was next to the front gate and was on in a short time. We spent a bit of money on the expensive food.

After this we went to see the penguins. Unfortunately the glass was quite dirty.

Then we waited for the Monorail. However it turned out we were waiting in the wrong spot for people with prams so rather than wait for the next train we headed back down into the park.

 We was the sesame street play with teresa while the older kids went out to play on the rides.

The rides were a bit of a problem. For the older kids they were too young. But the older kids were perhaps too young for the adult rides. So they were a bit bored.

Poor Noah got left behind and had to wait for the next set of rides while waiting for the submarine ride.

I think Teresa was not sure what the point was.

After this we wandered along to see the dolphins. They were certainly the highlight of the day for the children.

After this we saw some fairy penguins.

Now we were at what I thought was the best part of the place. A spot where you can touch some of the creatures. Though Teresa was afraid of the sea cucumbers as she thought they were snakes and after that she would not put her hand in the water for anything

Next was a very good aquarium.

And finally one last set of rides. I think this was certainly a hit with the older kids. I got in a bit of trouble for letting them go on it again. But they were enjoying it so much.

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