Dream Tuesday – aeroplane dream

The aeroplane part of this is new. The building has been in other dreams, as has the street scape.

I board an aeroplane. I am sitting in the front row on a plush white seat. The cabin is rather rectangular. More like a stage prop of the front of an aircraft than a real one. There are other passengers and a flight crew dressed in white. As a stage prop it is a bit odd. We are facing the back of the stage.

I need to go to the toilet. I start to walk to the back, but then remember that there is one up the front.

In the front right section of the cabin, where the toilet should be. is a narrow chute, about 20 cm high, white and well worn. I hesitate as it does not look like a toilet door and then slide down it.

I am now in a white narrow cylindrical space. Down each side are about 8 empty single airline seats. Looking for the toilet I see at the end a corridor going off to the right.

I come out into a large 60’s style building lobby. The walls are made of dark brown brick and dark brown wood panels. I walk through this lobby down several flights of stairs from the back to the front entrance.

Walking out of the building, down more steps I come down to street level. Here I stop and have some coffee and a snack with someone I vaguely know who happens to be on holidays in this place.

I realise that it is time to go back to the aeroplane before it lands. I hurry back through the streets and the brown brick building. Several other people are doing the same.

I go back to the cabin. But I cannot find my seat and I seem to have forgotten to take my boarding pass with me. The people here seem unlike the people who were here when I left. They are caucasian, all wearing white jump suits and smiling a somewhat plastic smile. I am momentarily very confused.

The crew point out that there are plenty of seats down the back. I walk down some steps from the area I was in down to the rest of the aircraft.

I see two sets of seats. Grey airline seats and red with grey trim bus seats. There is also a large empty space. The space is more like a large warehouse complete with steel beams holding up the roof than an aircraft. There are people sitting in the airline seats.

I wander to the empty space and sit on a cheaply carpeted floor. Before I know it people have gathered round and we have a small campfire going.

I look for my belongings and pick up my camera bag and backpack. I think that this is lucky as I never took them with me at the start.

I wander back to the original cabin and pick an empty seat. The aircraft lands. There are no window seats. The isle runs beside the window. My seat is on the end of the row and I can look and see outside. We are landing on a runway on open grassland. There is a light fog.

As we taxi at extremely high speed along the runway I get up and find my seat. There is a Chinese man on my right filling in his arrival form. I start filling in my form.

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