Krysta Working

I did not have enough leave, so I had to work. Krysta and I headed into town. She was very excited and happy and proud. We caught my normal bus at 6:32 am and went down to Croydon and then the train to Parliament. At work she got a pass and went through the electronic gate.
Up in the office I set her up on the desk beside mine. We brought in her computer and DS.

She happily spent her time there. We headed out to grab some lunch. Most of the shops were shut. So we got a few things from the 7 eleven.
As the time to leave neared, she became to excited and tried to lock me out of the office and kept on wanting to go to the toilet.
So we left a little early for the train. We headed to southern cross to meet up with Angelika and Milla who had flown down from the Blue Mountains. Luckily they walked onto the platform at the spot we got off the train at the same time and in the same place.

We caught the train to Lilydale, changing at Ringwood and then the Holiday 683 bus to Warburton. We were walking the few hundred meters to the Warburton Caravan Park when a car pulled up. It turned out to be an off duty Martyrs bus driver, still in uniform. He picked up Angelika and the big bags and took them down to the caravan park while we walked down there.
As we got to the Cabin, Kirsten pulled up. We had dinner there before leaving Angelika and heading home.

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