The flooding at Markdale Continues…


(From our correspondent)

THE weather for the past week has been gloomy and

threatening, with occasional showers. The settlers

and shepherds on the banks of the Crookwell and

Fish Rivers have been employing themselves in

erecting bark gunyahs on the high lands in expecta-

tion of greater floods, and many of them I fear have

had to resort to them already.

Last night it poured rain from a little after dark

till after daylight this morning; all the creeks about

here were within a few inches of being as high as the

great flood; newly-erected fences, and temporary

bridges have again been washed way, so that we

are again hemmed in for a day or two. In conse-

quence of rumours of other floods to come, none of

which I can trace to an author, many farmers are

actually at a standstill. As for ploughing, they have

at last despaired. Speak to any of them about it, the

invariably reply is, ” no crops this year.” Many of

them who wished to get to the market, and were

prevented by the impassable state of the roads, are

glad now, as they intend keeping their grain for the

mill next year. Hundreds of tons of potatoes are

rotting in the ground from the water lying on them ;

those who have pigs have turned them into them, and

those less fortunate, have to leave them to scent the

atmosphere for hundreds of yards around the pad-

docks in which they are.

May 24.

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