Dust Storm

Sydney Dust Storm
looking south

Sydney Dust Storm
Looking towards the city


Well I lay there in bed at the time I should have been getting up. The light coming into my room was a bright orange. I thought how unusual. But did not stir. Then when I got up I looked out the lounge room windows and the world was bright orange. So I went out side to see if it smelled like smoke. It did not. Anyway, it was the wrong colour. So I grabbed my camera took a few photos and looked up the cause on the internet. It was a dust storm. I wandered outside again to determine if I should ride to work or catch the bus. But I decided to ride. When I arrived at work my eyes were a little gritty from the dust. Where I live there was not much dust on the ground, but in Paddington everything was covered in dust. One of the people in Toowoomba said it was dusty there too. I am glad this did not happen on our ride.

Aparently yanko did
A man speaks if his hate for dole bludgers
Upset woman: you must have, you gave this instruction!
Man: it’s on the lyric
Woman: the police still did! *groans*
Man: you have spent 20 years stuffing this up!!!
Man: all of this because if this one little letter!
Man1: was it b35 then? Man2: no, b36.
Man: he just can’t help it, he’s like that
Man: you said, that’s the pimp! Woman: yes you fucking did!
Man: I don’t care what you think, it still is!
Man: they said,  because of that, must be religious
Woman: you fucking know who thinks like that! The Americans!
Man: they said, you can get angry all you like…
Woman: the Thais are not like that; Man: yes they are; Woman: you should go there and find out!

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