Links 2009-11-29

  • Not that I ever really wanted to go there, but it seems that the chances of going the north pole and standing on ice are going down.

  • It seems that the Amercians are still using the institution of government to kill people. They have not yet worked out that this is barbaric Still it will be interesting to see where this whole fMRI issue in court cases ends up going…
  • An interesting site on DR Who stuff.
  • Surely by now they have noticed that you are only a drug cheat if a) you are competing and b) you are getting a benefit that no one else does. It is such a poor term. And lots of competitors take legal performance enhancing substances like 1st week cows milk and caffeine. People are telling me I should drink 6 cups of coffee after riding, though I can’t remember why.
  • The Norwegians are building a power station with enough power output to power a coffee machine. Still if they can get it to work big time it will make quite a bit of difference. Still if you are going to build a machine based on the difference between hot and cold you should combine the ocean technology to get a vast pool of cold and blend it with solar to get much hotter. They did say that the efficiency of a Stirling engine is based on the temperature difference.


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