Bundaberg to Sydney via Brisbane

I got up early and headed out to the airport. It is not so far to the airport from the Middle of town. I got there quite early and the terminal was partly staffed. After a while a few more people arrived and I was able to check in when they manned the counters. In the airport I grabbed some breakfast. A group of school children arrived and their entertainment seemed to be watching the aircraft take off and land. A few twin prop aircraft came and went.

My flight arrived 20 minutes late.They do not have much spare time in the turnaround as we also left 20 minutes late.We flew the short flight down to Brisbane. On arrival they said that all the people such as myself were transferring from QF2323 to QF 521 had to get off QF2323 first and head straight over to the departure lounge. There were 5 of us in this situation. We walked quickly across the tarmac and into the terminal building. We had to go through security again. I forgot to take off my backpack in my haste to get through. Our departing flight then had to wait while our luggage was transferred over to the new flight. This was good as at Sydney our bags were the first to come off the aircraft.

I then went home. I had arranged for David to be there to let me in. After that, I headed down to Miranda to pick up a new house key before heading home. It did turn out that I had left my house keys in my bike bag, and a few days later I got them back.

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