First Birthday Party

Today is Marcus’ first birthday. Yesterday Sandra and Tony held his party. I was reminded of all the processes and procedures we have a work. Perhaps we should bring out a spoof Australian Standard on raising a child using a TQM process. He clearly had not been trained on how to unwrap a present, in fact the presence of paper around an object was a source of confusion. If only the procedures and processes were in place for the raising of a one year old. I cannot blame my friends. They clearly have a lack of support form the appropriate standards bodies. In fact, may be we need a benchmark and a set of “world’s best standards”.

More seriously the party went well. Betheny eventually got over the problem that the presents were not for her. Marcus also has not worked out this candle business and after a guerilla raid by Betheny who blew out the candle the first time round, Marcus wanted to extinguish it with his hand. Blowing in his ear was not a sufficient hint about the task he needed to take. Maybe there is another market opportunity here. I suggest that a group like Banana’s in Pajamas make training videos for your children on the basics of extinguishing candles.

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